All I wanted was to install Magento 2.0

Ugh, where to begin? All I wanted was to install Magento 2.0 … I hoped DH’s VPS offerings would suffice, but nay:

[quote]I apologize for the trouble you’re having with installing Magento 2+ on
your web server.

Unfortunately certain table privileges required for Magento 2+ are not
allowed on our managed mysql servers. I’m terribly sorry about that.
Specifically, EVENTS, is currently not available and REFERENCES is not
implemented on the managed mysql services: -information

You can install Magento 1.9 successfully without the table privileges,
EVENTS and REFERENCES, if you’d like but if you’d like to install Magento
2+ your option would be to upgrade to a Dedicated Server where you have
root access to your web and mysql services or you can check out our cloud
computing service, DreamCompute. In DreamCompute you can provision your
own mysql server which would be completely unmanaged and you’d have full
control over the server.[/quote]

Well, the Dedicated Server prices are insane for what I need. Forget that!

Decided to check out DreamCompute. Interesting, and extremely complicated for a “open stack” newbie such as myself. I host nearly a hundred websites on DH’s shared servers and a few on VPS. I do pretty extensive front-end development for dozens of clients. I can bounce around putty to carry out some heavy lifting on occasion, if provided a decent tutorial. But this stuff is like walking blindfolded through the dark!

After several hours I was almost able to install WordPress by following this walk-through:

I actually want to install Magento 2.0 but I figure if I can get through this WordPress install, maybe I can figure out the Magento install …

Where I am currently hung up … that WordPress install tutorial assumes I will have a domain ready to use … … but, I don’t want that … I want to view my site in a ‘dev’ environment, or simply by an IP address, before pointing an actual live domain at it.

Usually I use DH’s mirror service … mirrors my unregistered domain

Is anything like this possible in DreamCompute?

I feel like I’m getting close … but still so very far away from what I need.

All I wanted was to install Magento 2.0! And now I’m about 60 seconds from buying a different hosting plan someplace else (open to suggestions! this looks decent? they even offer a 1-click install!?) …

Which is sad, because I have been a DH customer for over a decade, and as I said host dozens and dozens of sites here. I have about a dozen Magento 2.0 sites to build/upgrade, as soon as I can figure out where to host them.
I have resorted to looking for someone who can set all this up for me. Wish me luck!

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Even if you want to view the site in a ‘dev’ environment or by IP address, you still need to configure Apache with a domain/subdomain name; even if it’s one you are using for something else. Remember, the domain specified there is just a local reference and doesn’t override any DNS settings you have setup globally.

Once you’ve configured Apache, you can view the site by adding your DreamCompute instance’s public IPv4 address to your hosts file (similar to the technique described in our knowledge base article below).

If you continue to have issues getting accustomed to the darkness that is unmanaged web hosting services, feel free to update this thread or submit a ticket on the [Support -> Contact Support] page of the DreamHost panel (you can also access that page using the direct link below) and we’ll do our best to assist you further! :slight_smile:


Thanks Heckman. I managed to install WordPress to my instance. Next I’ll try to install Magento 2.

A few concerns, off the top of my head –

  • I started this instance on Ubuntu because I couldn’t connect to CentOS … kinda wanted Magento on CentOS, because that’s what appeared most popular for Magento when I searched the web, not knowing the difference … maybe I’ll start over on a new instance, if I can connect via SSH.
  • Security … most likely I am not configuring all the stuff that needs to go on top of Ubuntu to have even a basic level of security.
  • Email? How on earth will I figure out how to set up email hosting for any domains whose sites are hosted on DC? Probably will host email elsewhere? On DH shared hosting? And configure the DNS MX records accordingly…

Thanks for listening, all input welcome!

@jgreenwood: I feel your pain. As a frontend developer, using Windows, getting to learn Linux system administration is a huge jump. There are some things that can help you in this journey but the first thing to acknowledge is that this is a journey. The jump from a managed VM like DreamHost VPS to a fully unmanaged VM as in DreamHost Cloud can be huge.

Now, since the issue seems to be related to the managed MySQL server, have you thought of running Magento and Apache on VPS and manage only MySQL on DreamCompute? That would be a lot easier to get started: at least you’d have to take care of only one piece. We have tutorials for you to get started

On another note, you should be able to use CentOS: not sure what’s preventing you to use that…

And email: I personally wouldn’t even try using DreamCompute to run a mail server… unless you’re super-confident in your email administration skills, let someone else do it for you.

smaffulli, thanks. Indeed a journey, thanks for your input. Your suggestion of running the Magento files on VPS and MySQL (or should I say MariaDB?) on DreamCompute is excellent, and very likely what I will try next, thank you.

I did manage to (miraculously?) fully install Magento 2 on my DreamCompute Debian instance … had to do a lot of googling, every step of the way, but in the end it worked.

In fact it was almost fun learning new things … WinSCP helped give a visual graphic user interface to whatever file directory structure there is … I installed a bunch of PHP modules … had to create a new user and assign it to a group and grant it access to work in the magento files … the install wizard stopped responding at around 4% and I refreshed the page, then got only blank screens and an error message … thought I destroyed everything… tried clearing magento var caches and whatever I could to hopefully start over … no luck… took a chance on a ‘soft reboot’ and voila there is the finished magento install. so yeah nearly miraculously, I managed to install it. It is running now! How well it performs, and all that … we shall see … as I continue to learn … and improve the environment…

Uh, so I guess, now … I think I will try smaffulli’s suggested setup … VPS Magento connected to DreamCompute MySQL (or MariaDB?!) … for another Magento site I need to create. As of today I have three new Magento sites I need to create … and three more that I would like to upgrade from 1.xxxx to 2.xxxxxxx … so yeah, looking for something that works great … very happy that things have started to make sense so far … sorry for previous exasperated rants … thanks

P.S. Security-wise, I see your blog post here: … And also thought I saw another set of suggestions somewhere in the forums … can’t seem to find at the moment … thanks

Glad to hear things are progressing… A couple of other options I would suggest, besides mariadb (either is fine :)):

Instead of A2Hosting, I would recommend a managed hosting platform for Magento based stores, like this one: . Why? Because you will get dedicated cloud hosting with SSD servers, you get managed server so you don’t have to worry about hardware, and you will get auto scaling capability as well.

All you need is to download from official web or if you are using magento 1 and wanna go to magento 2 migratoin then you need to see certified developers. Because without data loss migration is art. I recommend to see more detail from here