All hosted sites on Hennessyphoto are down!


None of my eight web sites are loading on Dreamhost. What the hell is going on? They we are all loading just fine 2 hours ago and now, nothing, no page loads regardless of OS or Browser.

I have ad campaigns running for my photography site and am losing business and MONEY!



I apologize for the downtime! Looks like one of our techs will need to look into what is causing the sites not to load!
Please submit a ticket here: and someone from our Support Team will get on it ASAP.


Thanks, I posted the issue…no change


NOW MY FKING BLOG IS DOWN! Dreamhost will be hearing from my lawyer.

12 hours of outage! one communication and no resolution.

Dreamhost = NIGHTMARE!


Are you still experiencing issues?
From what I am able to see, all your domains load fine for me. Looks like our Support Team e-mailed back to your ticket about 12 hours ago.
It seems like we restarted your apache services on your server because they were hanging.
I apologize for the frustration! Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with!