All files deleted from VPS!



Is anyone having major problems with their VPS today?

About five hours ago there seemed to be problems with my VPS on ps44783… it appears that all of my sites’ files have been removed and replaced with the favicon.ico & favicon.gif files in each web root directory as well as the owner changed to the ‘root’ user so I cannot re-upload files or change user permissions on any of the directories on the server.

The user account that I was using for database backups has also had something go terribly wrong with it and the files from that account have also been removed or are missing! Fortunately I have copies of the latest databases which is a relief.

I’ve put in a few support requests and have so far heard back nothing from DH nor is there any post to reflect any problems at

All I’ve seen so far are two “verified outage” messages on the Contact Support page in the DH admin panel - both of which are supposedly “resolved”!

If anyone can offer any helpful advice - particularly on how I might be able to change the directory owner and permissions so I can re-upload the site files and get things going again - I would very much appreciate it. Especially given the radio silence I’m getting from the DH support staff.



It looks like your PS is included in this status update:

you should bookmark


Thanks for the response and for pointing that out LakeRat - I didn’t realise that issue had been re-opened and yes, you’re most likely correct.

I just wish that I could upload my offline files to the server rather than wait for DH to restore files from whatever backups they have.

As I see from many other posts on this forum, there is a need for a more robust communication system between DH admins / support staff and their account holders regarding these major issues they’re having.