ALL emails to a specific domain get bounced

i was just posting regarding emails at a different thread:

and all of a sudden, all emails that get sent to one of my domains are getting bounced!!!

Dreamhost… knock knock What is going on here? Im expecting important emails - dont fail me now!!!

Get this FIXED ASAP… Dont let me wait for your support to get back to me AFTER 7 HOURS (as of my first support inquiry today)…!!!

ERROR Message is as follows:

This is the Postfix program at host

I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The Postfix program (expanded from
emailaddress@mydomain): unknown user: “oneOfMyUSers”

test message

Try if it works now. Some times there are temporary network/DNS issues witch can cause this. Be glad they bounce and not end in no-man’s land.

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no go… still getting bounced… it has been more than 30 minutes now - anyone experiencing any bounced emails?

and the eerie thing is that my shell account name get included in the bounced error message…

on the other hand, i wouldnt see this as a simple network/DNS issue: as you would see in the error message, it says that my account does not exist…

ah, well - i guess no use worrying about it since there is nothing i can do…

it is just a FACT that i need to get into my head that DreamHost should be better called “NightMareHost” more than anything else…

why does these things have to happen? especially for extended periods of time (a few minutes of downtime, etc. would be understandable)? dont they have SLAs…?

Works fine with me, but I use a different mailserver though. My guess is you can’t do much about it but communicate with DH support.

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That is the nature of technology. My experience tells me that DH offers fast support and reliable servers.
But it looks like the spunky cluster had some upgrade going on lately, so I’m sure there are sweating engineers working on your problems.

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well, i guess today is just a bad day for me… (T.T)

right now - all of a sudden, i cant access the Web Panel

bummer… i wish i had the time of day to do a full migration to another hosting service. did some checks online and “IX Web Hosting” looks good… sigh

I couldn’t access the panel, also. I’ve noticed the problem was happening when the browser was trying to contact Maybe our IP addresses are being blocked when contacting, as a side-effect of the solution to the DDoS reported on dreamhoststatus (

Traceroute is stopping on a Dreamhost router, to me:


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
5 ( 28.142 ms 27.801 ms 27.953 ms
6 ( 88.346 ms 87.670 ms 86.934 ms
7 ( 47.198 ms 48.370 ms 47.971 ms
8 ( 161.505 ms 160.740 ms 163.118 ms
9 ( 157.836 ms 157.086 ms ( 161.583 ms
10 ( 223.540 ms 219.397 ms 218.689 ms
11 ( 216.239 ms 215.479 ms 209.976 ms
12 ( 218.978 ms 217.731 ms 217.243 ms
13 ( 216.448 ms 215.864 ms 232.245 ms
14 ( 298.292 ms 298.870 ms 298.203 ms
15 ( 218.339 ms 217.820 ms 217.539 ms
16 * * *
17 * * *

Adding to my /etc/hosts made the panel at least load, but with an ugly look. Some funcionality wasn’t working, however (including the “contact support” function).

I’ve created a support ticket regarding this problem with the panel, using a different internet link. I hope they solve this soon.

It was frustating not being able to report the bounce problems (I was having them also), because the panel wasn’t working. Fortunately at least the bounce problems seem to be solved, now.

Mail started bouncing on all my domains around midnight EST. I received a response from the DreamHost Support Team around 2am EST stating that they had corrected the problem.

They had not.

It is still down now. Everything I have is on spunkymail-mx and they are all bouncing with an ‘unknown user’ error.

This sucks.

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I suggest you file another support request. If something is still not right, you need to let DH know about that so they can fix it. :wink:


[quote]I suggest you file another support request. If something is still not right, you need to let DH know about that so they can fix it.
I opened a second ticket over 5 hours ago but have not heard anything from the Dreamhost Support Team as of yet.

17+ hours down and counting…

was there any explanation to what happened?

this is just so frustrating…

my one-year plan is about to end - anyone here have a recommended hosting service with a better track record (well, obviously not since we’re all here at DH)?

My mail is back up and running now. Here is the response from Dreamhost support…

I’m not sure where the 2 hours came from… it was over 20 hours on my end!

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yes - definitely much much LONGER than 2 hours on my end…!!!

anyway, at the moment, im looking for hosting services that are more reliable than DH (in my case, less than a year - DH has downtimes in excess of 99.9%)… any recommendations?

i wish i can find the time to move out all the stuff currently in DH’s servers… sigh

er, ah…no, not even in your case is that true. Do you mean that they have less than 99.9% uptime? :wink:


oooppssss… my mistake…

i would mean that in my case (which ive been in DH for less than a year) - my uptimes are less than 99.9%…

Less than 99.9% is not so bad :slight_smile:

As long as they don’t go less than 99.0%

I see this often that people complain and honestly it is very hard to find ANY host that will provide you with this good of service and large packages for the price. On top of that, if they do…Will they be around next year? The nice thing about DH is they will be…and even if it isn’t called DH, it will be something else because someone would just buy it.

Wish you luck

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