All Domains Down


Sometime yesterday, all of my hosted domains ceased to work (404 error). They’re registered elsewhere, just hosted by DreamHost. FTP did not work at first, but after a while I could connect. However, it displayed an empty directory. Also, once I could access FTP, the 404 went away and an empty “Index of /” page appeared in its place, obviously because the directories are empty.

All of my subdomains are working, as well as FTP.

I checked, but my servers were not listed.
I also contacted support, but have not received any reply for over 15 hours.

Does anyone know what the problem may be, and why I’m receiving no support? Is my data safe?

I’m sorry, but… over 17 hours without a response to my support ticket. Really?

I might just migrate to another host. This is really unacceptable. At the very least, DreamHost could let me know that they’re aware of the problem. I haven’t received any notice from them.

The intermittent behaviour you mention would suggest there’s a problem and it’s being looked into. I believe you can rest assured your data will be safe. The only time I’ve noticed people have reported data loss is when they’ve been kicked for copyright abuse.

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