All disk, bandwidth, and mysql usage data RESET!

This was an announcement we just made through the web panel, but I thought I should cross-post it here too…

Hello Happy DreamHost Customers!

You may notice if you go to the “Status” area of our web panel and look at your bandwidth, disk usage, or mysql usage… they’re now ALL ZERO!

Do not panic! In celebration of St. Patrick’s day, we’ve reset all the counting… if you were about to be billed for overage this month, you aren’t now (unless of course you STILL go over, starting tomorrow!).

How nice of us! But don’t get too used to it… this is a one time thing.

So please, don’t panic! And please, don’t fret… disk, bandwidth, and mysql usage data will start being collected again from tomorrow on.

Party On,
The Happy DreamHost Itchy Database Deletion Finger Team!

(P.S. Okay, the real reason we did this is because the tables were all TOO DARN BIG, and at least part of the recent problems we’ve been having with our databases. We’re now going to keep only 45 days of back info for each of these. But rather than just delete anything over than 45 days, we pretty much had to delete everything… the tables were just too big for the delete to work right for anything but the whole she-bang. The disk usage table for example had over 15 MILLION rows…)