All Databases are visible!



I’m trying to sort my sites after they got hacked.

I want to keep all my sites separate. So 1 FTP account to each website – so there is no way to see any of the other domains.

Also, one of my sites was hacked - revealing a mysql user name and password – THIS LET ANYONE SEE ALL MY DATABASES.

How do i set it up – so if a hacker get’s hold of one mysql usernames and password – only that database is accessible. NOT all of them!!!

I’d really like advice on keeping everything seperate – so if i get hacked again, i only have to check the one site, instead of ALL of them.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:


You could setup a separate user to control each database.

You might name them something similar to the [sub]domain the database is for.

eg. Database Host:

[color=#00CC00]sub1[/color] might have [color=#00CC00]db_sub1[/color] as it’s DB user.
[color=#0000CC]sub2[/color] might have [color=#0000CC]db_sub2[/color] as it’s DB user.

All your domains can have different database users/passwords :wink:

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Thanks for the reply sXi – but the dreamhost panel says that they are all interchangeable. :frowning:

So, i have 10 databases… i have 10 Hostnames. e.g. – username1 – password1 – username2 – password2 – username3 – password3

But if i log in with say, username3 and password3 – i do not just see database, i see all the databases.

Am i doing somthing wrong???

Thanks for the help.


Make sure that only that user has access to that database. Where it says Users with Access in the panel, only the user you want to access the database should be there. If there’s more then remove the other ones.

I have mine set up with only 1 user and they can’t see any other users databases


The Database HostNames are interchangeable (they’re all shortcuts that point to the same location) but the databases themselves can be accessed only by the users whom which you specifically allow.

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Goodies > Manage MySQL[/color]

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