ALL 100+ Domains DOWN!

Over the past two years, I have occasionally heard terrible stories about DH and how webmaster panicked because their websites are down. But since my experience with DH has been really happy, I can hardly share their anxiety, until now.

All my 100+ domains have been down since I got up this morning. Yes, I have contacted support via the form on the Web Control Panel (and actually sent a fax to the Billing Department since I suspect my modifying the payment method yesterday might have anything to do with this), but sitting in front of the screen and wait up to 24 hours for a reply isn’t really a pleasant thing to do, especially when you know that many of your clients (whose websites are with you) will be calling probably any minute from now.

Jeff, are you there?

What does it say at:

Does it specify that the site (http service) is in [color=#CC0000]critical[/color] condition and that the web site is actually down? If so, then Dreamhost will have already been alerted to the problem.

Are you sure that it’s not connection failiure on your end? What happens when you try a traceroute to one of your given sites? Try a traceroute to port 80 and post the output.


Thanks Wil. My problem was (yes, it’s finally solved now) actually of the account type (adding, moving and disabling services and domains, etc.)

Thanks to Jeff (glad that you’re always here) and Julian and Brian, all my 100+ domains were brought to life again in less than 24 hours. This saved me from being brutally bombarded by my clients.

I’m glad that DH is still my favourite host after all, but I guess there’s some room for improvement especially in Customer Service. I’m not saying that the Support staff are not up to the standard; on the contrary, they are extremely helpful. But as I mentioned earlier in this thread, when YOUR websites are down (or in other critical situations), 3 hours with no response is already a nightmare, not to say 6 or 12. I know that phone support is very expensive; but with 28,951 domains hosting, I guess it’s time to start considering that option.

I have the same problem with my domain and it’s down at the moment.
I also think it has something to do with changing your domain service, because I’ve just upgraded my domains

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