Aliases when converting to Gmail


I am considering making the move of my Dreamhost email accounts to Gmail BUT I am wondering about all my aliases.

I have several aliases (info@, whatever@, etc.) forwarding to my primary account. But, Gmail doesn’t seem to offer the same feature.

Anyone have an experience moving to Gmail with aliases -or- have any input on how I could make that work (without having to create several different Gmail accounts with separate logins)?


Not sure if I have the right end of the pole but do you mean all the aliases in the DreamHost Panel that go to your email user?

You could just add the gmail account in as a forwarder in the mailbox section using the edit button. …also forwards to

Then all the aliases in the forwarding-only section would go via your username to the gmail account.

You could group your forwarding-only aliases as well if you wanted, to specific gmail accounts.

Alternatively the Custom MX / Gmail option from the DreamHost control panel may suit your needs.


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Hi there & Thanks for the help.

Here’s my situation.

I have my primary address, let’s call it; then I have a number of aliases that forward to… for example,, etc.

I’d like to take advantage of DreamHost’s offering to transfer mail management to Gmail, but I’m not sure how I can still utilize those forwarding aliases since Gmail doesn’t have an alias system.

Is it possible to still manage FORWARDS/Aliases within Dreamhost’s panel but have my actual email acccounts (such as utilize the Gmail service?

Google Apps For Your Domain ( the feature that DH is using to replace its email front end) does allow u to create several alias to an email account.

However there is a limit of 30 per email account

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Thanks! Knowing that helped me make the decision to switch.
Once I established the account, it was easy to add aliases (which Google/Gmail refers to as “nicknames”).

Thanks again!