Alias for bash

I want to add
alias ls=‘ls --color=tty -al’

but I have tried and it does not seem to be working.

where do I add an alias so that it works when I log in via ssh?
(putty on windows)

Help me

I did put in .bash_profile and it does not seem to change the behavior.
It does work if I use the command at the prompt, but I do not want to do that manually each time I shell into the server.

Help me

yes I have quit putty and loged in again, and again.
it just doesn’t seem to take.

is there something to make the system read this file on login?
also should it be single quotes or double quotes?

Help me

Either single or double quotes should be fine.

It works for me from the command line. My .bash_profile currently has:

alias ls='ls --color' and it works fine.