Alarmed and depressed


Oh god, why doesn’t DreamHost have a phone number? I need to talk to a real person, in real time. What kind of business doesn’t have a PHONE NUMBER?

I’ve had an account here for a couple of years. I’ve had another account with StartLogic for many many years.

I’ve been making plans to move the 5 domains I have at StartLogic here to DreamHost and closing out my StartLogic account, which comes up for yearly renewal the 6th of March. Since the main and most important domain I use came with the original account when I signed up, it’s coming up for renewal too. I don’t want to renew the account, but I wanted to make sure my domain was paid up, so I went ahead and renewed it.

Now I just read in the wiki that domains can’t be moved if they’re just been renewed!? So either I have to sign up with StartLogic for another year or lose the use of that domain for 60 days?? Is that for real? Why on earth why??

I am so fucked. I can’t afford to re-up at StartLogic for another year and wouldn’t want to even if I could. They’ve been nice to me but I haven’t been able to upload files there for months and service keeps telling me the fault is on my end. I know damn well it’s not on my end, because I’ve been uploading files there for years and I didn’t change anything. And I can upload files to my Dreamhost account with no problems at all using the same FTP program and the same settings. So I’m done with them. I thought I’d consolidate all my domains here under one roof and make it easier on myself.

I also was attracted by the service here at Dreamhost where visitors to my web sites can donate money and it goes directly toward my hosting bill (and, I assume, my domain renewals after they were transferred here). I’ve already had pledges from people who will donate once the domains are moved and everything is up and running.

But now, my main domain, the one that I’ve had at StartLogic for years and that’s in all the search engines can’t be moved? Seriously? This is terrible. I thought giving 14 days would be plenty of time, but it’s actually 60? Is this a DreamHost policy or does this apply to anybody anywhere?

Could someone please tell me the reason for this insane policy and if there’s any way I can get around it? And why I can’t discuss this with someone who works there and knows what they’re doing, in real time?


I’m afraid I don’t have any answers to your main questions, though there are plenty of far more knowledgable people on this forum who might. I do, however, have a suggestion about how to make things not quite so bad if you actually are stuck waiting two months for the registration to become unlocked.

Most hosts, including StartLogic, offer monthly payment plans, and since you’re already a customer, you probably wouldn’t have to pay any kind of setup fee. Rather than renewing for a full year, could you maybe just renew on a monthly basis until you’re able to transfer your domain completely?

Definitely sucks to hear that you’re in such a bad spot. Hopefully you can come up with some solution that lets you keep everything alive without breaking the bank.


You’ve already paid the $6.50 to renew your domain, but you don’t need to host it there. You still get full DNS control there. All you have to do is tell StartLogic to use the DreamHost nameservers for your domain.

I believe the 60 day “quarantine” is with all registrars.

To answer your first question, phone support is very expensive. You can pay for callbacks, but it will cost.



Not sure if this helps but I used to host my site at another host and our control panel allowed us to control certain DNS functions. Our registrar is GoDaddy, and they also provide nameservers. Rather than shifting the site and nameserver control all to DH I moved the files to DH and nameserver control to GoDaddy - but I left my site intact at the other host for a couple months, just in case. Then I went to my control panel at GD and pointed the domain to DH. The propagation was quick and smooth, but I was sure that no matter where someone’s nameserver pointed further downline people would always get our web pages. (There was a little confusion with dynamic pages like the blog but I did test migrations a couple times to make sure I could do a quick final change over.)

So the point of all of this is that you need to get your site back on your old host or “somewhere”, get control of your DNS, and then before you let go of that file system make sure you’re all ported and can point whenever you want to your new DH file system. You can host the domain here and still point to it from there! Just ask DH when it’s OK to hit the switch.

Oh yeah, a couple other points: 1) do a lot of testing and then make the jump. and 2) don’t jump unless you know for sure you can jump back without calling for help.



I thought it was the case that you couldn’t transfer a domain within 60 days of the initial registration period, not the renewal date? Where did you read that you can’t transfer domains right after they’ve been renewed?

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Thank you Alpicola, sdayman, Starbuck and Lensman. I appreciate your taking the time to answer and you all eased my fears. The 60 day wait (which I read on the Support Wiki) was for transferring domains, not pointing, so I called StartLogic and had them point all the domains to Dreamhost. Later, when I can afford the fees, I’ll transfer the registrations too. So my panic is abated and I thank you all!

Lensman, I read about the 60 days here:

It says “has not been renewed or purchased within the last 60 days.”

I still wish DreamHost had a phone number but I suppose they’re glad so they don’t get people like me calling in. :slight_smile: