Akismet problems on WordPress

A few weeks ago, I started getting an error message on my WordPress blog (2.9.2) that Akismet (2.2.7) is unable to reach its servers. When I went to the Akismet configuration page and clicked on the Check Network Status button, the server status didn’t change. The counter is claiming that it’s been 5882 days since the last check, but it has been counting downwards day by day.

So far, the things I have tried are:

  1. Contacted DreamHost to have them check to make sure the servers are reachable from my blog. They are.
  2. Deinstalled and reinstalled Akismet. Twice.
  3. Got a new API key.
  4. Installed a newer antivirus plug-in and scanned. No virus.
  5. Installed a new malware detector plug-in and scanned. No malware.
  6. Contacted Akismet, who sent me back to talk to DreamHost.
  7. Contacted DreamHost again, who verify that they are able to reach the Akismet servers from my server.

So, I’m out of ideas. Anyone out there run into this before? Any suggestions, beyond replacing Akismet with different spam-filtering software (which is my next step)?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Rick Neal

Try installing a test copy of WP, see if that does the same thing?

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