AjaXplorer screen is blank


Hello…help! I just went to upload my new website content (last time I did it was pre-AjaXplorer) and when I open AjaXplorer (the new WebFTP) I just get a blank screen. Is there something wrong or is it cos my computer is so old (PowerBook G4) [hr]
Seems to be a browser problem, working now just wont accept my login!!


AjaXplorer sucks.

Is there any reason that prohibits you from installing an FTP client?


Ok be gentle with my non technical brain, do you mean something like FileZilla? or is that something else. There should be no reason why I can’t install an alternative. What do you suggest? Thanks for your honesty! :slight_smile:


Yeah, FileZilla or something similar :slight_smile:


My personal choice is WinSCP (I’m usually on Windoze 7)