AjaXplorer file upload

I am not able to do this. It allows me to browse to the image file on my computer and select it. When I click upload it appears to work but then it just hangs while the message “copying files to the server” is display in faint letters.
I have to logout and then when I login the file is not there–it was not uploaded. I don’t understand the process for uploading files in Dreamhost. I have used other hosts where it was very simple.

i would recommend a program like filezilla and use the SFTP option.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did decide to use filezilla and it worked just fine. I stumbled across something on the DH site that mentioned that the webftp was not to be used and that was when I started reading about alternative ftp options and I had heard filezilla was good. In fact I think DH mentions when you get your account that Webftp is not a robust way of handling large files but when you are new to a host and just starting out you feel too overwhelmed at first to remember anything other than the basics of getting up and running.
Thanks again.