For those of you doing web development, AJAX is a great tool to use, and if you like ruby on rails…Well you are probably in development heaven. :wink: I have an AJAX example posted in my blog that you can feel free to use.


FYI: This is just one of many thousands of examples one could use

I thought the idea was that it would refresh automatically. The idea that the user didn’t have to keep clicking buttons all the time to get things done. Otherwise it might as well just refresh the page?
I’ve done a live search facility that uses this sort of thing. Sends a query to an asp page which queries a database and returns the results. Much like Google’s Suggest.

Yes, that is another way of using it for sure! Continually getting live updates without having to refresh…However, I wouldn’t want to do that on my lil ol blog…

Netflix uses it when you rate a movie, when you click a star it then updates the rating right there and then.

Not necessarily. The whois example he has, for instance, is nice and fast. Why refresh the entire page, when youre just updating a small amount of the information on it?

There are many uses for AJAX, just make sure you make it useful, and not obnoxious for your users.

I’ve been interested in AJAX for a while now and using it. My problem is I’m not really down with the Document Object model, so my AJAX has mostly had good practical use but not looked too nice.

As an example of what I’ve done go to http://uiv2.com/forums, log in with the username and password “demo”, and edit a post by demo by clicking the edit button (not the image).