Ajax contact form


i’ve found in internet this simple ajax contact form:


i’ve followed the instructions and put on my webspace…
but seem not working…
can be a phpmail problem? or a PHP version issue?
i’m not an expert…



Well, what exactly is the problem? How is it not working? Are you not receiving the data collected on the form? Please explain the problem that you’re having.

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<? if(!isset($rnd) || !isset($name) || !isset($email) || !isset($subject) || !isset($body)) { showform(); } else { processform(); }Read Variables from outside PHP

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The script seem to freeze when i press SUBMIT, you can find it here:

mail never reach the target box…


i’m not sure i’ve understand what you mean…
can you explain?


I think what he’s getting at is the use of register_globals, which is a PHP configuration setting that, if enabled, turns parameters passed to a PHP script into variables of the same name. On Dreamhost, if you’re using PHP5, which I assume you are, this setting is disabled.

What you want to do is to check $_GET for the parameters instead. In short, the way to do this is to replace all references to $rnd, $name, $email, etc. with $_GET[‘rnd’], $_GET[‘name’], $_GET[‘email’], etc. You will also want to delete this line completely: global $name, $email, $subject, $body;


I’ve done what you said but not work too…
however i’ve found another one that seem work, so, thanks for your help… bye


How about sharing what you found with us?


but is not in ajax:
it works good in my page :smiley: