Agnitum blocking sites

I notice in my stats that I am seeing “blocked by firewall,” I am running DH installed Joomla! on as well as my business site. I can’t think why this would be. Is anyone else having similar problems and apart from contacting agnitum, are there any solutions?


If someone is running Outpost Firewall, I suppose it’s possible it’s blocking parts (or all) of your site. I dunno how that program works, but I can only imagine it would be something the user needs to change, the company certainly wouldn’t.

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Thanks. Any idea why though?

some firewalls prevent browsers from sending the referer (sic) header, which normally tells you what page the user clicked a link on to get to your page, or what page has an img tag showing one of your images.

better practice is to simply blank out the field, but unfortunately some firewalls like to advertise themselves in this way. if you are trying to prevent your images from being used on other sites by only allowing referrers from your own site or blank referrers, people who use firewalls configured to replace the referer (sic) header with “blocked by acme firewall” won’t see those images even when browsing your site.

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i forgot to mention that it follows that you shouldn’t have any problems from this unless you’re trying to prevent other sites from using your images directly from your site. you just won’t know where these people came from.

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Thanks for the explanation. Maybe it’s the Google analytics. I guess some people will not be able to see images.