Against Unlimited Policy?

I contacted dreamhost, and asked if I could host an image hosting site and gallery on my unlimited hosting plan.

This was their responce:
"Hello JOseph,

Yep! As long as the system resources are not being abused, you can host
an image gallery. We do have a Gallery one-click install that you can
use as well!

Jay H"

Jay H only mentioned the gallery, not the hosting service. So can someone please look at my website : and tell me if its against the unlimited policy?

Only DreamHost can answer for sure if it’s against the Unlimited policy.

At face value, your site looks fine. You’re just hosting images in a galllery. I have club sites with galleries where members upload images, which isn’t too far off from what you’re doing.

The policy is meant to discourage against “leaving the light on all day just because it’s free.” Like loading up your domain with gigantic (legal) files just to see how much “unlimited” you can use.


Thanks for the reply. I contacted them again. Now Im just waiting for an e-mail.