After uploading code files to, my website won't show up

New DreamHost user here

My URL is all set up with an SSL certificate and everything, and my example. com folder is completely empty other than my index.html and my css file. Yet when I go to example. com it gives me the message “Almost there! Upload your website to get started.” I even tried going to example. com/index.html and I got a 404 error.
The website files have been in my directory for a couple days, so I deleted and reuploaded them to see if that would work. It didn’t do anything. There’s also no quickstart.html if that’s still a thing.

Any ideas?

Is your account new? Have you just recently pointed your site to DH’s DNS? If so, it usually takes 72 hours or so for all the ISP’s to get that info and point your domain requests to your account.

DreamHost Web Panel > Domain : Manage Domains

Hit Edit next to the domain in question and check the “Web directory” path to make sure you’re sticking the files in the correct location. Alter as necessary.

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