After successful setup of SSD VPS, deleting old VPS crashed my site!

I recently moved my site from one of the old type VPS servers to one of the new VPS with SSDs. It went smoothly and my site was running like a champ. After waiting a day or so, I decided to delete the old VPS since it was no longer in use.

But now, my new VPS is affected and my sites are down. What happened? Why didn’t I get an option to delete the old server without moving any accounts to the new one?

I’m currently waiting on a support ticket and I’m really upset.
Edit: I think I might have fixed it by forcing a re-configuration by telling one of my other domains to mirror the existing site that was down. Now it’s up again.

Did you manually migrate? Were you using Dreamhost to host your DNS also? If not, did you change your DNS settings to reflect your new IP address?

Did you ping -a your website to see if the correct (new) IP adderss is returned?

You shoudl also try to configure your local hosts file for your domain(s) using your new server’s IP address and see if the websites are working. One of the first things I do when migrating websites between servers is to test the website that way, not relying on DNS. When I 'm certain everything is working on the new server (using hosts) I then setup the new IP addresses for DNS. I only delete the old VPS when I’ve confirmed that the new DNS settings have been propagated.

I did the automatic migration through Dreamhost. I was using Cloudflare for DNS, but I had updated the Cloudflare IP addresses to the new ones almost a day earlier, and my site was working fine on the new server until I used Dreamhost’s migration tool. Anyway, it’s working now so this topic is not in need of further support.

Thank you.