After migration to dreamhost my wordpress site shows a blank page for homepage but other pages are ok


My old hosting account expired which was at another provider, and now I have this brand new DH account.

Before that account get expired, I downloaded a backup of the wordpress site database, and I downloaded the actual wordpress files as well.

I also installed the duplicator plugin and created an image from the whole site and database to make sure I have multiple options while working on migrating my website.

On DH, I setup my domain and already had it pointed to DH name servers, then through SFTP I uploaded the website files and created the database for my website and imported the data into it. Then finally I did the necessary edits on wp-config file to point to the database and its credentials.

For reference my website is:

the problem is when I view the website a blank page appears the page is absolutely empty no data and no headers and nothing. there is 0 bytes retrieved from the server to be shown to me.

To check you can go that that link and see the blank page. Right click on it and select view source, you will see nothing.

This is only for the homepage, but if I try and go to the admin page or other posts it works fine without any issues.

I spent a lot of time on this and I am now at a point where I don’t know what to do. I tried a lot of stuff including:

  1. Enabling WP debug mode, but it just did not work because the homepage is not being loaded at all
  2. Messed around with the htaccess file and tried a lot of modifications and edits to it.
  3. Deleted htaccess file like a million time and regenerated it again
  4. Checked the file permissions on the actual site files using FileZilla and they appear to be normal.
  5. I tried to reinstall the wordpress site from the dashboard -> updates -> reinstall, but ended up with the same situation.

It is worth to mention that sometimes when I go the wp-admin page for example I get a file download prompt instead of the page being loaded, this was happening in the beginning but after I deleted everything and reinstalled the site using the duplicator dump, it stopped to appear. Now only the blank homepage problem.

I really hope you can help me on this, as it has been now few days and I don’t wish to keep the homepage in this situation.

Appreciate your help
All the best

Hello all,

I hope anyone can give me any input on this issue. I feel frustrated already acter doing a lot of trials and steps to resolve this without any success


Got it sorted out.

Setup Wordpress from the scratch and moved plugins/themes/uploads, then manually imported database tables into the new database.

Seems some files/permissions were corrupted or something.

Hi SalehRam

Glad to hear you got it sorted out! If you run into any other problems with your sure be sure to let our support team know

Matt C

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