After Joomla website migration

Hello guys,
i’m new of dreamhost. I moved my Joomla website from another provider, but i’m getting a lot of problems with Dreamhost. So I’m here to ask yours help.
The website is:

I can’t able to solve the following problem:

Warning: file_put_contents() failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/tanoadmin/ on line 883

I uploaded the whole website via FTP and I migrated the DB in phpMySql. I set up the configuration.php file.
Where Did I wrong?

Right now the website is partialy running: I can’t get in Joomla Back-end (alias administrator) and almost pages are messed up.

Is there someone that can help me?
Thanks in advance for your support.

When I see the file_put_contents error, it makes me think it’s a permissions issue, which often get messed up during FTP. I don’t have com_jrecache in my Joomla installation, so I don’t know where it keeps its cache files, but it looks like JRE Cache can’t write to them.


So what can I do to solve this problem?

Find the cache directory that JRE uses and set its permissions to 775. The files in there should be 664. This means that all files are readable, and that they’re writable by you and your group, but not outsiders. An FTP program, or even WebFTP from the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains, can set these permissions.