After a 48 hours approval, now I have ghost referral


As title says, and because I know I needed to transfer domains from another DH account, I took extra note not to use a promo code or referral code. However my account seems to have some ghost referral which I guess I need to wait another 24-48 hours to figure and removal again. Zzz.

Ticket: #8535009


Any admin can explain because support seems to be avoiding the question? I have clearly stated that I did not add any referral during creation from my question.

Reply from support:

Hello Jing,

Sorry for the delayed response.

A referrer is usually added when a new account is created. The person
creating an account adds a referrer to ensure that someone gets credit
for the addition of their account.

I hope this helps, but let us know if there’s another question or

Kacy S



Sometimes cookies can be stored in your browser if you had previously clicked a referral link in the past. I do apologize for any confusion and do see that you have been in touch with our team regarding the issue. If you have any additional questions, please be sure to reply directly to their email.

Thank you!


Cookies being cookies, I think it’s unfair for customer for that to happen automatically. Especially for shortened URL, or when we are searching for questions that 3rd party blogs have answered because DH support was unable to. Support says customer will only know if we do something that concerns referral/promotion restriction, which for my case is referral.

Point being, I wasn’t notified, nor was I able to remove it myself. Having to wait another 24 hours just to request for removal because DH tech support is not 24/7, yet situations like that seem to happen all the time. It took me a total of 4 days just to be able to migrate my domains, 48 hours for approval, 24 hours for the 1st support to reply me nothing of help, then another 24 hours finally being able to migrate my domains.

So instead of pushing problem to referral cookies (which once again is unknown to customer during sign up), how about actually looking into the situation to solve the problem?


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