After 5 days of having sites down, i get billed




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Interested in this subject! Can you expand on what happened when the site went down. Was it a design problem, or a server problem? Was also wondering what agreements are involved with this issue.


It’s highly doubtful you’ll get any meaningful response from the Topic Starter.
If you have specific questions you’d like to ask however, then by all means fire away.


Our sites have been down for several days, too. What’s going on? What have we got to do to get this fixed?
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You have to find another hosting company. I’ve been with Dreamhost seven years & the only reason I haven’t left is because migrating my content is too difficult. Flee while you still can.


What hosting company would you recommend?


just curious: What did support tell you when you sent them a ticket? From the error I see “Internal Server Error,” it could be a coding issue rather than anything with the host.


I received this reply from support:

We’re very sorry for the issues that you’ve been having on your server, ‘quicksilver’. As you are already be aware, the hardware for this server failed and we’re in the process of moving it over to new hardware. We are copying data over to the new machine and are serving all data from our backup server to the new hardware.

Unfortunately, up to this point the restore has not gone as smooth as we would like. The problem is with the backup server that we are restoring files from. Our restore process involves mounting the backup files over NFS to be served while we copy the files over to the local server.
Usually this runs without a problem and sites remain up while we’re restoring files in the background. In this case the backup server drive is degraded though, which results in high loads on the server and breaks the connection for serving files.

At this point, we were not able to get the old ‘quicksilver’ server hardware in a stable enough of a state to be able to start pulling the backups from there. We will continue to work on getting that up, but in the meantime we will continue the restore from the backup server until it is complete. We are doing all that we can to keep this server stable and serving pages while this restore completes. With the backup server drive being degraded though, there will likely still be some periods of downtime/slowness. We don’t have an ETA on when the restore will complete due to the state the backup server is in, but we will post any new updates to the announcement in your web panel.

Due to the state of this server there isn’t really anything we can do on an individual site/customer basis at this time. Once we are able to get the load under control for this restore and we get closer to completion, we should be able to better investigate individual requests. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you and thank you for your patience as we get this restore finished.

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Apparently they don’t realize how many complaints are in the forum about when it doesn’t work right… which appears to be a lot of the time.

Quicksilver is not the first…


FYI: Forums run by hosts aren’t used for tech support. They are used to share information, and, frankly, vent.

Honestly I only see a handful of complaints of this sort each week when I visit the forums. But a single complaint my generate dozens of responses, but it’s still about the same problem.


When will quicksilver be online?


by never predicting they are never wrong…


how can we escalate this? this is ridiculous, 5 days of downtime? Im sure there is something else that can be done


What does support tell you?


No it wasn’t a design problem. Their shared webserver scalise went down the Tuesday before I started this thread and stayed down for 7 days. Many of the sites were restored within a few days but were very slow to load. Furthermore, it seems that any site that used mysql or wordpress was down for the entire 7 days.

Plus, FTP was unable to connect for the entire period.

you’re a big meanie.

tell me about it.

I’ve been with dreamhost for more than 5 years, and the last year has been absurd, the last 6 months have been even worse.

wow, why am i not surprised to see that not only was “scalise” down, but “quicksilver” was was down too? had nothing about either of these outages. They must be too embarrassed to post about it and/or they are covering their tracks.

there was one message sent out via email after 6 hours or so, then another 48 hours later and then fairly regularly after that. The messages were generic and incredibly vague. At no time during the entire 7 days was database, wordpress, or ftp access ever mentioned.

The one ticket I started was cleared without the issue being resolved.

You should check out the comments on

I think most have taken to venting their frustrations over there.

It’s really pretty unbelievable. The reason I am here tonight is because a client just messaged me that their website was down most of the afternoon. However, just as with the scalise and apparently quicksilver server crashes, there is nothing on to indicate any problem.


my site is still off the air after five days.
this problem is already taking too long, will be true what they say?

FBI, hacker, UFO, bankruptcy?


The first site gives me an Internal Server Error, which may be more the fault of coding on the site than a server issue.


Look: Dreamhost is a discount webhosting company. I’ve been with them for years, and sure, there is the occasional glitch. But for under 10 bucks a month, the performance has been stellar. I wish my ISP was as reliable as Dreamhost.

Recognize that the server end may go down. I keep a working copy of my website on a local machine. It takes me 15 minutes to reload my website if something happens to DH. Or 15 minutes plus the time to sign-up and change DNS records to move it to another hosting company.

Stuff happens. Plan for it.