AFS problems - no space available

I have my home dir on orbital mounted on my OS X machine via AFS. When I try to copy a file to orbital using the Finder, I always get

The item “somefile” cannot be copied because there is not enough
free space.

However, if I try the copy operation from a command line, it succeeds.

This has been previously discussed a little here:

Has anyone come to any conclusions other than “Dreamhost boll0xed it up?” (Or, conversely, has anyone confirmed that that’s the case, and if so, what the specific boll0xoration is so it can be fixed?)

I use WebDAV. I think I tried AFS, but found WebDAV better for my situation. The problem you describe sounds familiar, and that’s probably why I gave up on AFS. If it were encrypted, I’d be more inclined to try to get it to work.


Mine is encrypted, via a ssh tunnel.

Dead easy.

ssh -L 5548:localhost:548 username@yourdomain

Then, instead of connecting to your domain, connect to afp://localhost:5548