Hey ,
i joined the affiliate program , and my friend signed up using my promo code.
i setup for $96 first payment, and $5 if some1 join me Later

i don’t want $96 , i need to buy a Hosting , how can i contact some1 to gives me a hosting from here?

is that possible?


I think I understand your question.

When somebody signed up a hosting plan using your promo code, you will receive 97 dollar rewards (depends on your promo code). You can check your account balance via DH panel --> Home --> Rewards

You can see the rewards but can’t cash them out if your customer is less than 97 days old.

You can cash them out if your customer is more than 97 days old or you are a platinum member.

And finally here is your answer. You can use these rewards to pay for your hosting plan as well. :slight_smile:

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ok Thanks and the hosting will be $119 or $60??

If you don’t use any promo code and apply 1-year plan, it will be $119. If you use a promo code to apply the plan, you can enjoy some discounts. The amount of discount depends on the promo code.

You can find out a lot of promo codes in this forum and the Internet. Most of the promo codes provides maximum discounts $50 with 3 extra free domains.

It means, you only need to pay 119-50=69 for your hosting plan. You will have 1+3=4 free lifetime domains.

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no i meant my friend used my code and i got $96, and i want to buy a host from here, should i pay $119? or $69?

and can i pay via paypal? coz my friend doesn’t have google checkout & checks.

and what Unique Ip? for what this options?

Thanks :smiley:

If you use a promo code and have $50 off, you can use your rewards to purchase a 1-year plan at $69 :slight_smile: . You can’t use your own promo code.

I believe paypal is available via DH panel --> Billing --> Make Payment --> PayPal

Unique IP is usually for HTTPS.

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A unique IP is also needed to enable anonymous ftp.

I suggest the OP contact support through their panel just to make sure that Paypal can be used for payment from their home country and also how to make sure of how to use funds from their rewards account to make the initial payment for their hosting plan.

As Patrick mentioned, the OP will have to wait 97 days from his friend’s signup in order for the funds to be available.

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ok Many thanks patricktan :d Great answers:d, same for lensman:d

Thanks For your time:d:d:d

You are most welcome! :slight_smile:

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I have one question. Can i payout the Affilate Commission in my paypal?

Yes. The affiliate program has changed quite a bit since this thread was active, however PayPal is still a payout option in their new system.