Affiliate Site - Images not working


I’m trying to set up an affiliate site on Dreamhost and I’m having a problem with getting the images to show.

These are instructions that I received to create the affiliate site:

  1. Upload all the contents of this zipfile into a new directory created for this application.

  2. Ensure you have downloaded the “userid.txt” and/or “config.txt” then place them both in the same directory.

  3. Set the directory named “cache” and two sub-directories in it (“images” and “thumbs”) as writable i.e. chmod 777.

  4. Finally, link the index file named index.php to your existing website or use it as the source for inline frame or frame you have created for this application.

I’m guessing it has something to do with chmod 777, since everything seems to be working, except the images.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Without knowing what is in the zipfile, we would only be guessing as to the source of the problem.

That said, you can try changing the directories they recommend setting to 777 to 755 (which is what they should be at DH, since you are running under suExec) and see if that helps.

I suppose it is possible that the images themselves are just not available due to a path problem, remote loading problem, etc., but as I said before - without being able to see the the script(s)/file(s) in the zipfile, or a url to inspect the source code of the pages containing the broken images, all that is just speculation.

If you can post a link to the script source, or at least a url to the problem page(s), it would at least be a start.