Affiliate question


hey :slight_smile:

what if you buy 1 month hosting through your own promo code, can you waiver the setup free?

eg; I buy a month-to-month hosting for $9.95, from my own promo code, which says the maximum I can give is $50.

(Monthly L1 cost: $59.90 max promo: $50.00 )

so I’d just have to pay $9.95 per month?


Are you saying you have a plan and want to create a promo code to refer yourself? I’m reasonably certain that’s against the rules.


Yes, it most definitely is.

Here is a quote from the DreamHost ‘fineprint’;

[color=#0000CC]"New accounts must use a different credit card number from the referrer to qualify for rewards credit for the referrer. Customers also cannot refer themselves or their spouse/civil union partner. No exceptions will be made…

Violation of our policies will result in immediate forfeiture of all Rewards payments.[/color]


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with the available promo codes, I don’t think you need to create one for yourself…
However you can create one later and refer your friends

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Yeah but he wants to refer himself so he gets the discount AND the money from refering…

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Which as stated above is prohibited by DreamHost.

As funlounge says; they can always create their own promo code after signing-up and refer one or two friends. This could more than cover their hosting costs.


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Isn’t the pricing for most of the plans reasonable enough for you?

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As others have said you can’t use your own promo.

But with $97 promo codes being freely available why would you bother trying to rort the system? The plan costs are very reasonable, even without the promo discounts, and with the discounts they are almost unbelievable. :slight_smile:

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