Affiliate program problem

HI guys, I tried signing up for the affiliate program.

Says, "

This account is currently pending. Please have us call you now for immediate approval!"

When I click the call back button, nothing happens… what’s up with this?

Sorry for the wait! Our system required that your account be manually approved. You’re good to go now! Thanks so much for your patience :slight_smile:

Great, thanks.

hello im having the same problem with it saying pending. can you please help.

Ignore it. That message is intended for hosting customers only; it doesn’t mean anything for affiliates.

Ok thanks

Hello, im a newly registered here, and can’t find the new thread or new post so that i can open a new post thread, anyway here’s my problem, 2 days ago i joined and registered as an affiliate in your company but my problem was after i created the promo code, of course i want to promote it so that i can earn but i cant find the banner ads or tools for the affiliate to use it in there website. Can you please help me, i already saw the banner ads but theres no codes only images so how can i use that banner and refer is to my friends or everyone who visits my site so that i can earn money. Any help will be appreciated tnks.