Affiliate Check, How long it takes to reach?

Hi All,

On 1-OCT-2011 i got a notification from Dreamhost saying, the earnings are sent through Check.

Still I don’t receive the check (to my India address).

In general, how long it takes to receive the Dreamhost check (to India) ?

Also, is it possible to re-request the check ?


Wow, India. That might be like sending a check to Thailand where I live. In which case it is very unlikely to arrive, but … you never know.

I would give it at least 3-4 weeks and after that just contact Dreamhost, not this forum, we are just customers here.

Have you heard of PayPal, safe, fast and cheaper then a check.

Thanks for sharing your experience, ronthai. I have contacted Dreamhost support too, lets hope for the best.

Currently, payment via Paypal is not available on Dreamhost esp for Indian customers.

You might not be able to pay with Paypal at DreamHost,
but receiving, so DreamHost sending money is just an email address and should not make any difference.
Unless Indian banks do not allow PayPal.

There are some unusual regulatory issues which prevent us from cashing out via Paypal to affiliates in India. This isn’t specific to DreamHost; all international Paypal transactions are heavily restricted in India.

For details, see:;?cmd=_help&t=solutionTab&solutionId=1204740