Affiliate Account promo codes not working

I’ve had my affiliate account for about a year and a half, have several promo codes set up, and have been referring people to dreamhost for that same time frame. However, my promo codes are not working when people I refer go to checkout.

Skeptical that it was user error on their part, I tried doing it for someone yesterday, using the referral link, their account info, and the promo code as well and lo and behold - no promotional thing that I set up. How can I fix this? Is this user error somehow on my end or is it a system error?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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What referral link are you trying to use, and what product are your customers trying to sign up for?

The referral link I give them is out of my affiliate account:

I have 3 promo code set up in my account:
JOES2UNIQUEIP "2 Free Unique IP Addresses!"
JOES50HOSTING "$50 off Annual Hosting"
JOES4FREEREG “4 Free Domain Name Registrations”

the domain registration and hosting promos are not working at all that I’m aware of. I don’t know if anyone has tried to use the IP addresses one.