Affiliate $110 Offer?



I’m new to the DH affiliate program and I’ve just seen they are offering a $110 one-off payment for referrals till Sept 17

But I would prefer to get the recurring 10% payout. How do I ensure that anyone using my affiliate signup URL will mean I receive the recurring 10% payout, and not this special $110 one-off? That special payout does not have a promo code so I can’t quite see how the affiliate system would know.




You shouldn’t have to do anything additional. So long as your Rewards account is set to get 10% payouts, that’s what you’ll continue getting. You just won’t get anything extra during this promotion.


Hi Andrew, many thanks for your reply.

Apologies as I’m totally new to the affiliate scheme, but if I am on 10% payouts, do I receive 10% of all the payments from affiliates to DH? I.e. if they sign up for a new domain name? Or if they go for a VPS/dedicated server at some stage, do I get 10% of those monthly payments? Or is it just 10% of their $9.95 monthly payments?

Thanks again.