Affilate Program

I have been a DH customer for years, wanted to refer someone and thought I’d look here to see if DH offers an affiliate program. I probably missed it but do not see information on how much one earns by sending someone to DH to sign up. I am an affiliate at another host but it looks like DH offers more features with a basic plan than the other host so wanted to recommend DH.

Is there a page that shows the payouts or is signing up required in order to see it? My head was spinning by the time I read the posts in this forum - frankly, I don’t care about sub-referrals or coupon codes or anything other than the basic fee.

I looked for a direct email address but only found a contact form. At the bottom it gives customers a link to the support form in the panel. It’s just a quick question (or so I thought) and prefer not to wait for the answer from support, which could take a while.

Thanks in advance…


Panel > DreamHost > Rewards

Thank you sXi! Can’t believe I missed that - I actually looked in the CP before posting… :frowning: