Advice very much appreciated!

I have around 1.2 GB of files that I host on two powweb accounts (950 on one and around 250 on another). monthly transfer for the two accounts never exceeds more than 15GB combined

here’s my issue…i have a forum that gets around 150 posts or so a day with around 50 or so people visiting on a daily basis…if I were to go with the “Code Monster” deal, I could move all my files onto one server…

so here’s the actual question part…how much of an impact would there be on the forum’s ability to load quickly if there were often people downloading files off of the server? would there be little impact because the forum is using a mysql server and the files an http server? or would the impact be significant and cause the forum to constantly move slowly??? this really is crucial for me b/c if the impact would be minimal, I’ll go with the Code monster deal and put everything on one server…otherwise, i’d go with the 7.95 a month for two years.


option A is to get the “Code Monster” plan, cancel both powweb accounts, and move everything to one dreamhost account.

option B is to get the “Crazy Domain Insane!” plan and move the forum and 250 MB of other files over there and keep the other powweb account.

either way, the total pricing is somewhat similar, regardless of which option i go with

any advice?

The mysql server is not on the same machine as the http server. So even if the mysql server is down or has a heavy load it will not effect the page.

If you would like you can do a traceroute and see the different machines: