Advice on pointing site

We have been developing under, and are happy with what we have developed. We now would like that same content to also appear under and What’s the best way of setting that up here? I know how I’d do it on an IIS server, but not with these panels. Do we set up the www and plain to mirror what’s at (as documented at, or is it best to redirect (as documented at

Thanks for your help with this!

If you’ve already set it up here, then you can configure a Mirror of your site. You probably don’t want to redirect to a site called

Personally, I just FTP in and rename my folders so my live site goes offline and my dev site becomes my main site:

Rename to example.sav
Rename to

By default, this site will respond to and

Thanks so much! That’s really helpful.

Yeah, redirecting would be silly.

I’m still learning how to work within this environment. I didn’t know that I could just rename the folders. I have WordPress installed there, so presumably that would still work because it refers to the config files, but the automated / one-click upgrades would no longer work (?), so creating the mirror might be best?

I’ve tried the mirroring thing, mirroring to look at, but when I go to now, I can see in the browser own the bottom that it’s looking for data from

Is there any way around that?

Maybe I do just need to do what you suggested, about renaming the files (but I’d prefer the on-click installs to not break).


Ahhh… now I see that if I change the web site details within WordPress the mirroring is working, and going to displays that info down the bottom of the browser screen.

The only disadvantage to Mirroring is that the old test site is still active.

WordPress has such a good built-in update mechanism that I said goodbye to One-Click a long time ago.

Yeah, I’m wondering that.

Thanks for all you’re help, Scott.