Advice needed: php script deployment



hello there
i am starting a new music streaming service, other than the web interface it will have mobile apps (phonegap) built on top of it

my question is (i am a noob in cloud hosting so bare with me) since the script is originally written as a traditional hosting type, will it work on the cloud ?

i mean for example the script it self isnt that big, but needs big distributed storage to host the mp3’s and serve them around the world, in that case i have to utilize both dreamcompute and dreamobjects which may require some adjustments in the script it self (i think ?)

or the fact that the script is socially powered, meaning you can follow or be followed see your friends fav’s ratings…etc etc, so thats heavy on the sql, how to handle that on a cloud environment ?

so whats the best way to go ? take the plunge into cloud (if you know some one who can help with my senario installation please do guide me) or stick to good old vps

with regards


I think the first thing that will help is an explanation of the difference between cloud computing and “good old VPS!”

A VPS is a managed machine setup specifically for web hosting. All the niceties you get are pre-configured Apache, tested versions of PHP, set amount of space, a nice control panel, etc. You don’t have to worry about configuring or managing the server, that’s all done for you.

Cloud computing is different, it’s like picking up a new server and plugging it in for the first time. Nothing is pre-configured or managed for you but you have the power and flexibility to set it up however you like.

So to run a php script, you’d need to launch and configure an instance to run your web server of choice and also add PHP support. This is usually pretty straight-forward using the built-in package manager on your distro of choice (apt for Debian/Ubuntu and yum for CentOS/Fedora). We do have some instructions in our wiki for those -

If you’re looking to use DreamObjects in your app, it would be no different if it were running on a VPS or a DreamCompute instance. The data in DreamObjects is accessible via URL so you’d just link to them appropriately.

It’s hard to offer anything specific to your particular situation but hopefully this information is helpful as a starting point.