Advanced Notice of Email Maintenance

About an hour ago, I noticed the email account for my domain I host at Dreamhost wasn’t connecting via my iPhone. I checked on my Mac desktop, and the connection doctor said it was connecting fine, but nothing was coming through, including the two test emails I had sent to this account from another account that’s not hosted by Dreamhost. Finally I tried the webmail option, and nothing was loading. Now I’ve had problems with my email hosted by Dreamhost before – it seems every few months something goes wonky, and sometimes I have to fully re-setup my accounts on my various devices.

This time I contact support via the online chat and I was informed they are doing some work on the ‘filer’ for that account. Not sure if he meant filer or filter, but regardless, it would take a few more hours max to address.

I appreciate the helpful support person, and knowing my account wasn’t hacked was a relief. But not being made aware ahead of time that my email account will be unavailable for a few hours isn’t good service. I mean, yeah on one hand, it’s just email, I’ll survive not getting email for a few hours…maybe…with help from my bottle of whiskey :wink: I mean what if I get that all important email from a Nigerian widow that needs to give me millions but only if I respond in the next 30 minutes??

But seriously, I use this particular account to communicate with my consulting clients, and sometimes it is critical that I am able to respond in short order. At least if I had known ahead of time that a maintenance outage would happen with my account, I could tell people to use an alternative communication route this evening while my email is down.

Please consider implementing an advanced notice policy for when your customer’s email accounts will be taken offline for maintenance.

Thank you,

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