Adult thumbnail question

I was thinking of setting up a free adult site, it would be mostly a forum but I would like an image archive. In the TOS it said no free image galleries, so if I host the images somewhere else but everything else on dreamhost would that be okay? Can I link to image galleries but find another host for the images themselves?

I have the same query myself. Can anyone please give us some feedback on this question.

Is the ban on adult images about bandwidth/CPU/disk usage, or is it a moral issue - or both?



Per the TOS the activity is prohibited on shared hosting. So, don’t use shared hosting. Get a VPS or dedicated server.

I think you’re missing our question. What we’re asking is would it be OK to have the site on shared hosting but have the actual images on a server in another location?

This is why I asked the question; Is the ban on adult images about bandwidth/CPU/disk usage, or is it a moral issue - or both?

Also, images will be placed on the site and checked for legality by me - it’s not user image upload site where people can upload anything.

The site contains images of nudists and is far from a porn site.

Thanks for your help.

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The portion of the terms of service you’re looking at is directed at a specific type of adult gallery site: thumbnail gallery posts (“TGPs”). To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure this type of site even exists anymore, and in any case, it doesn’t sound like that’s the type of site you’re planning to host here anyway.

Adult content in general is fine at DreamHost. I’m not entirely certain why our Terms of Service call out this specific type of adult site (I’ll ask around next week!), but I suspect it might have something to do with some of the weird “traffic exchange” behavior that tended to be associated with those sites.

The above wikipedia link was actually interesting reading. I didn’t realize the the history behind the term… or that the term was even an official term, for that matter.

I’ve confirmed with the head of our Security and Abuse team that this section of our Acceptable Use Policy is essentially unused. It’s likely to be significantly modified, or removed altogether, in a future revision of our policy documents.