Adult site allowed?

Can I host my adult site with Dreamhost???

Yes, as long as the content is legal in the US you should be fine.

Of-course, you may need to implement warnings and age checks etc. to comply with some laws.


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I have heard that regular web sites can end up on some blocked lists ifthey happen to share the same server as the porn site.

Was considering moving here from 1and1, but won’t do that now.


I would imagine that the adult site would be moved to another server or alternatively everyone else would move.
I do not know why people do not just go out and buy a corset catalogue like we used to in the 1880’s!
Probably the same would happen at 1and1 and other shared server hosters.


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Yep, even the ones that do not allow adult content. It is not just adult sites that end up on those block lists.

Realistically, your chances of ending up on the same IP as a blocked site would be pretty slim. I have a few domains, all on the one DreamHost server, and each resolves to a different IP address. Even my sub-domains invariably end up with a different IP address to the main domain.


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