Adult site allowed?


Some guys said dreamhost allow adult site and is it true?


I read the TOS just now and it doesn’t mention anything about adult sites unless I overlooked it (just no kiddie porn). Might want to ask tech support or something about it before you make a site like that, however.

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Yes, you can host adult sites with DreamHost. The content has to be legal according to the laws of the United States.


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I think most hosts don’t care as long as it’s legal and the bandwidth doesn’t blow you plan - but you pay for that anyway depending on the plan.

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When I was looking for a new host, I found quite a few places that specificaly stated in their terms of service that no adult content was alowed. It’s not that I was looking to host a porn site, but didn’t want to be restricted in blogging or the like.

Some places said that refused adult content becuase they didn’t have proper age verification stuff. Dreamhost warns about that - you can host stuff but you’ve got to take care of making sure only adults see the stuff you’re self.



Just make a warning page or login script.

Here’s my latest one >>

Just don’t have in your face porn on your frontpage. Also, I put “no index, no follow” on all the porn pages. But sometimes things get indexed by the search engines anyways.


I have an adult site hosted at Dreamhost (predominantly it’s information about my store, with an affiliate store linked that to help pay the hosting bill). When I was first looking into Dreamhost I wrote to ask about it (I’d heard they were okay with any legal adult site but wanted to double check). This is what my email and their reply (this was in April 2004 but I don’t believe their terms of service have changed any in this regard):

[quote]> One of my sites, which is currently in development, is an adult webstore

[quote](video, toys, etc). There is nudity on the site (shots of video covers,
etc). Everything is legal, with a section 2257 notice on every page
attesting that all models are 18 years of age or older, etc.

Can I host this site with Dreamhost? From my reading of the TOS, it looked
like there shouldn’t be a problem, but I wanted to verify first.


Certainly! There shouldn’t be any problems with this at all, as long as
all content is legal. We have a pretty open policy on content of this

If you have any other questions, please let us know!


(Yes, I’m a packrat about saving email…)


Most hosting that don’t allow adult website have unlimited bandwidth.

BTW, adult sites bandwidth usage is most of the time a lot higher than ohter kind of websites.

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Hello friends.

I am looking for a hosting for adults where you can upload images and pornography videos. Always +18 years old. I have thought to embed the videos of Xvideos, Xhamster and other porn pages tube :grin:

I think that with dreamhost it is not possible, right?