AdSense with WordPress


Anyone here has managed to install the AdSense-Deluxe plugin into their WordPress webpage?

I’m using WordPress V2 and I’ve installed and configured this plugin properly. My AdSense account is OK and I am able to preview some of the ads I should get.

But when I enter the proper code into any: post/page or php sidebar nothing appears on my blog.

Using this plugin, when posting I should use the code: <!–adsense–> to have the ad appearing and use:

<?php adsense_deluxe_ads('Ad_Name'); ?> if I want to insert it into a php template. None of these codes works, nothing displays.

I was wondering if maybe it was dreamhost that was preventing such code to run?

Any of you have managed to add Adsense into your WordPress blog?

Thank you

If you want to install adsense, it should be easier to get the codes from google adsense.

You need to sign up a google account. Google will provides you some javascript codes.

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Thanks for the reply!

This was actually the first thing I did.
1- Created a adsense account
2- Got the javascript code
3- Tried to insert the code given to a post or page or php template without results.

Thus my reason to try with the adsense-deluxe WordPress plugin but none of these solution works.

I wouldn’t mind not using the plugin, but I would need to know exactly how to insert that javascript into a .php file because a simple copy/paste doesn’t do it.

you need a simple copy and paste to insert javascript to php file :stuck_out_tongue:

you can either put the javascript codes outside php tag or echo the javascript codes inside php tag.

If the javascript is inside php tag, it will be something like this

<?php echo ""; ?>

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Thanks for your time. I tried the solution given but it doesn’t seem to work out. I’m trying to include it to the sidebar.php file.

I tried the following:
Original code:

That gives me an empty box where I normally insert URL

Is that the way it should be set? I also tried to remove the <?php ?> since there already was php tags at beginning and end of the file but still no luck…

I’m not a programmer so any help would be appreciated.

I’m including the beginning of the file code as well:

Nevermind this post, I was doing everything fine from the beginning… It was just that google adsense account takes approx 72h to generate. Just received a mail from them saying that I could now generate ads and indeed I can!

Weird that they didn’t say I would receive a mail within 72 when everything was ready… or I misread. Anything it’s all good now. works with and without the plugin.

great. I did not think about this issue.

I’m glad it is working for you now :wink:

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