Ads (as AdSense) in Drupal on Dreamhost?

(0) How does one put ads/advertisements (as Google AdSense) in Drupal here on Dreamhost?

As embedded ads are essential for me (and many others).
(1) With Drupal out-of-the-box (specifically out-of-a “block”), it seems I can’t embed tags (req. to make the embedded ad run) - Any fix?
And while Drupal HAS (Drupal Commerce & Advertising modules) including 2 for AdSense (see that listing), these aren’t included with (Dreamhost’s “Easy Mode” modules) .
(2) What’s the thoughts about adding some Drupal advertizing modules (especially ones supporting AdSense) to “Easy Mode” collection?
(3) And in the meantime, any experience with adding them manually?

I just started playing with this myself.

Did you try using a php block to echo the AdSense block?

So you want to do this, to? Yep, I’d think many/most Drupal users would want this. Thanks for your reply!

If you mean by “using a php block to echo the AdSense block” you mean stuff as and , yes I did try that: it echos text fine but all the stuff in tags is ignored (stripped-out) so no ad displayed;
making me think to either:
(1) enable tags (but how?) or
(2) add it somewhere else in drupal (but where?) or
(3) get a Drupal ad module (but which & how to get it installed, esp. in this Drupal one-click-install?)

just tried a JS block both as Full HTML, as well as a PHP block, and neither of them worked

since I’ve been your only response in over two days, I suggest you open an inquiry support ticket to see what the official response is

the one-click install has been great as a way to quickly learn Drupal. but without the ability to include AdSense, Google Analytics, or other such external functionality (not to mention a grand total of two themes), I don’t see this being really useful to the vast majority of current users, let alone those they hope to target with this new product

please post back if you get a response from support

for what it’s worth, I just installed Drupal 6.3 myself in a subdomain. It was pretty straightforward.