Adobe Muse Contact Form Not Working – Solved

This is a post that will hopefully get google-fied at some point so others will find the answer more quickly than I did. And yes, I’m repeating key words to help that happen.

I’m a designer. I’m NOT a developer. Quite frankly, code scares me. I use Adobe Muse to build my websites.

After uploading my latest site via Adobe Muse with a contact form (a first for me), it wouldn’t work. After using my own google-fu to try and figure out why my contact form wasn’t working, I narrowed it down to the fact I had set my Adobe Muse settings in the contact widget to send the form details to my gmail address. With DreamHost’s anti-spam/spoofing, they will not allow contact forms stored on their servers to send email to an address with a domain that doesn’t match the site’s domain itself. I probably said that convoluted, so here’s how it has to look in the Muse widget…

Italics indicate an example only

Form Name:
Contact Form Details
Email to:
After Sending: Stay on Current Page (Or whatever option you’re using)

After that, you have to make sure you’ve created that same email user account ( in the DreamHost email management settings. Personally, I have it set so that those emails then get forwarded to my gmail account after the fact. But you can set it however is easiest for you. I just don’t like having to check multiple accounts for things. That’s what folders/labels are for.

Hopefully this helps anyone else that runs into the same problem.