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Amazed on a search that not the first hit.

From lightroom trying to upload an html browser template (forget flash version for time being). First attempt, full destination page didn’t exist - seeing if Lightroom would create page as part of the upload. Second attempt, I manually created the blank page, updating site, then tried again.

Both times got “Web Page Not Found” error. Now here is the strange part. Logged onto FTP and didn’t see it - even the html page I created like all other pages. However, logged onto webFTP and it had a 3rd directory that didn’t exist on the standard FTP version. That 3rd directory was named what I had been uploading, had subdirectories with images, and even the html page I created.

Has anyone been successful uploading with Lightroom? Any suggestions?

SECONDARY NOTE: The content wasn’t really consistent with the website so not including page on any menues/site map. It was some club photos to email link to members. I was testing it as a photo product delivery process for paying customers though.


Now this is embarrasing as I found the solution through trial and error. I was doing everything right except for two words -“Case Sensitive.” The uploaded file and directory the upload created was “Area43Contest” yet when typing out the file path to view after upload, I naturally type all lower case and received the page doesn’t exist error.

On the FTP viewer issue: the text version appears to update overnight as the directory was not there yesterday but was there this AM. The “webFTP” version appears to be realtime which is why I could see on one and not the other yesterday.

Understanding Lightroom web upload: Assuming that you keep the default “use subfolder” checked, it is self-contained in the directory that it creates so the typed path ends in the directory name rather than a file name. It launches full screen as previewed in Lightroom absent the other parts of the web site, like headers - which is exactly what I wanted - essentially a hidden page where I can deliver a product by giving a link.This was an HTML template where recipients can rt click and download the photos rather than the available flash templates which have the advantage of self running slideshow rather than download. While not necessary 99% of the time, may want to create a custom template with at least “Home” link as the only obvious way to return to the web site is back out the address to .com.

Hope others don’t have to go through what I went through, but felt with the numbers that viewed this post in 24 hours and apparently stumped as no suggestions, that I had to let you know.