Adobe Contribute, DreamHost and WordPress

I’m trying to set up Contribute to edit WordPress blogs… I understand that I’m suppose to enter into Contribute http://myblogURL/xmlrpc.php, my blog server username and blog server password.

I’m hearing that some servers don’t allow the use of xmlrpc.php’s (whatever that means) and don’t know if this applies to DreamHost or where to find the file if I need to somehow alter it. I also don’t know if “blog server” is the FTP user/password the DreamHost panel user/password or some other combo.

Any clues on how to find out?

I don’t believe that DreaHost has any “restriction” set on the use of xmlrpc.php, and you can find that file in your “base” WordPress directory.

For instance, if your blog is at “http://yourdomain.tld” then xmlprc.php is at "http://yourdomain.tld/“http://yourdomain.tld”.

As for the password, I’d only be guessing as I don’t use Contribute.