Administrating htaccess By Multiple Users

I have a site where I want to password protect different directories using .htaccess.

I’m using the web interface under Goodies, Htaccess/WebDav.

It works for the primary user, but I want other users to be able to control this functionality.

When other users try to set up htaccess, it fails and I get an email error message complaining that the users is not the owner of the directory.

Obviously I can’t change the owner of the directory, nor would I want to.

Is there a simple solution? I don’t want to give the contributors access to the primary account, and I don’t want them to train them to edit .htaccess files manually.

It would also be nice if the contributors got a copy of the error email. That would make sense to me.

Sorry if this is a FAQ, I’ve done my best to search the Wiki and the forums. Surprised not to be able to find anyone else with this problem.


You’ve already eliminated the simple solution of sharing a particular user with the contributors so that you don’t run into ownership and permission issues. That said the next logical step would be to setup a CGI application - CGI applications run as the domain user so there would not be an ownership/permission issue.

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