Admin priveledges

I would like to grant another person administrative access to my account (in other words, the same priveledges as me-- including control panel access), but I would like to be able to revoke those priveledges in the future if necessary. Also, I would like for this user to not be able to revoke my administrative priveledges.

I suspect that creating a new Web ID is the way to go, but can’t seem to find enough info in KBase. Ideas?


Firstly and foremost, make sure to read over the information very carefully before granting others, basically “your power”.

That explains where exactly you go once you’re logged into the “Web Control Panel”.
Click on “Home” then “Account Priveleges”.

You will immediately see the area “Grant Priveleges to YOUR_WEBID’s Account”.

So go ahead and click on “Grant Priveleges to a new Web ID”.

You will most likely be choosing “Create Web ID for YOUR_USERNAME”. Thereby giving your account two web IDs with which to log into the Web Control Panel with. Here is where we limit the access though.

Will give you a very detailed account of what to look out for, but just in case, I’d steer clear of granting access under the “Users” heading to your own username.

Also under the heading “Plans”, you may wish to restrict access to that as well.

Welp, I’m a bit lethargic at the moment and hope I haven’t rambled on. Good luck.

Post back with any problems/questions, whatever.


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