Adhesive plug in


I would like to install a Word Press adhesive plug in for my blog. Can someone tell me how I would do this through the Dream Host website?


You’ll need to use FTP and manually install it. It’s just a single file. Get it here along with the instructions:

If it’s a one-click install, an upgrade may or may not retain this plugin. Should it disappear upon upgrade, just reinstall the file.



Does DreamHost offer FTP? If so how do I access it? I can’t find instructions anywhere on the site. Thanks!



Yes, dreamhost offerst FTP. There were basic instructions sent in your welcome E-mail. You may find you can use (as long as your upload is under 7mb). Just enter your, user, and pass.

There’s also a descent article in the old K-base that you may find useful. I’d sigguest using filezilla if you’re going to download a program, as discussed in that article.

–Matttail - personal website