Addresses of images in announcement lists

I want to post a message in my annoucement list that has an image in it. So I use a

but the image never shows up.

What is the directory that I should use? images is a top level directory, a sister of my directory.

A relative URL like that isn’t going to work in an e-mail message; it would make the browser / e-mail program want to find the image in a directory relative to where the mail is being read, which won’t be your Web hosting account. A directory in that account that’s parallel your directory isn’t going to be reachable on the Web anyway. You’d need to put the image somewhere that’s reachable in your Web account and then use the full URL to it. Or else attach the image to the message and reference it by content-id, but I don’t know if that’s supported in the DH list software.

– Dan