Address for additional pics?

Hello everyone! I am so new at creating a website that I don’t even know what terms to use about this question in the knowledge data search!

I have a functioning website (got that done!)… but, I would like to store additional pictures to be called into auctions and other internet things. I have been using my website folder for these, using address “” … but, I would like to store them in another folder or something so those picture calls do not show up in my daily website statistics. Can you tell me how to do that… what address to use? Do I need to name a folder, or make a subdomain?

Thanks! Ali

All you need to do is create a subfolder off your root folder. In effect, it would be, or something like that. Connect to your domain with an FTP client and then create a folder in your main domain folder (just like you would in Windows). Place your images in the new folder.

That being said, creating a separate subdomain for such things is an excellent idea. It would enable you to carefully monitor your image traffic independently of your main website, among other things. Something like would be appropriate.

Simon Jessey
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